• Mainly about food, with a tad of self-deprecation and (too) much about a lost(-ish) love
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Chicken Curry for the Soul

A much delayed post, originally written in September. Somehow, every picture I’d taken to go with this post in the last month and a half got lost, and finally I had the chance to take another last night. Thanks, J!  —————————————————————————————————————————————————— My uncle told me that chicken curry is one of the most popularly searched … Continue reading

Fully Foodie

Okay, so where do I start now? Yes. I’ve been thinking about how my food-ie-ness has developed over the years. The signs were there from the beginning itself, it appears. There are photos of me at my annaprasan – ceremony at which first proper food fed to the child – upon completing a year or so in … Continue reading