This stuff is addictive! And why I’m blogging about food in the first place

Wow. So, suddenly, I feel like I have a zillion things to tell everyone – or at least put into words – about food. Why? I can’t really say.

Ha. Just kidding. Of course I can. Just that – as forewarned – I may not be able to say it in anything less than 10 paragraphs. So I definitely am never going to be a twitterer. Or as my Amma likes to say, a ‘twit’.

And yes, maybe I got a bit carried away with the last post. I LOVE YOU, Mr. LML. Eggs-weirdness and all. Sniff.

Not that it’s going to make any darned difference, anyhow. So that’s reason 1 right there: Why not write about food? After all, it’s what I enjoy the most. In fact, it’s the one sustaining interest through my life. Maybe because I’ve known some degree of want, struggle, I appreciate it more. And hunger of all kinds kills, food in itself doesn’t. I really don’t have anything better to write or think about.

I have also begun to look back at various stages in my life so far as marked by my culinary abilities, knowledge and interest. That’s reason 2 then. I can write about food and life. It’s also perhaps the least boring and most pleasant way of writing about my life also. So that’s a match.

As I’ve said in my first post, I feel I can write about food in a relevant, useful, shareable sort of way. Of course that’s because of the nature of food itself, but that apart – I’m not really sure I have anything else to share with others that is truly understandable or useful , beyond the site of one-on-one relationships. Reason 3, then.

I am a creative person. Our parents taught me to understand and love art, literature of all kinds, to study culture and society. Food spans across everything I am interested in therefore -history, society, travel, the earth and ecology, politics and economics, human behaviour,relationships, gender and sexuality, reading, writing, visual art, including TV and films which I love in particular. And I can engage with and write about them together – the connections are seamless. That’s reason 4.

There are many things I want to have and do, which I can’t – mostly for resource-related and physical reasons. Writing about food is helping me feel less lousy about all of that. Really. Same way that cooking itself fills me up. It’s therapeutic, and satisfies the artist and the mother-lover-householder inside of me. I can’t explain it beyond a point.  But it’s a critical sort of reason for starting this blog.

I think my most recent intimate relationship was a failure also because I wasn’t able to share and show enough of who I am. Nobody’s fault except mine, I’m sure. But I just didn’t have the opportunity, I feel. I hope this blog will help me explain/describe who I am. Not just to LML (who will probably never read it anyway), but to others in general. Not all of me perhaps, but at least a bit. Because most days I feel like I’m on the wrong planet.

I do go on and on, don’t I? 10 paras was right! So these are the reasons I’m writing about food. I will try to make my blog look better tomorrow – pictures and maybe a different layout. Toodle-oo! (You are supposed to respond with ‘pip-pip’. Okay?)


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