My Green Patch: Herbs: Oregano & Marjoram

The name for this post is one of the names our Appa (father) had suggested for this blog. Since I have recently started gardening a bit. As much as is possible working and living in the capital of one of the largest, most populated countries in the world, in a second-floor flat with only balconies.

Maybe I get the gardening bit from my grandfather. He used to be an enthusiast, and I loved helping him or watching him. Appa also used to take us on long walks in the parks of Delhi, and talk to us about trees and plants of different kinds. Amma used to draw and paint trees and flowers.

But more than anything else, I have grown increasingly interested in the entire discourse on and practice of growing food. Not just agriculture, but growing one’s own food.

Maybe it’s watching too much Jamie Oliver. Maybe it’s all the dreamy talk between LML and I (last year) about living off the land, on a farm – growing vegetables and grapes and pigs. Maybe it’s all the mulberry-tree climbing and overripe mulberry eating as a schoolchild in Delhi. Maybe it’s the reading and learning and endless debates about sustainable lifestyles. Maybe it’s just wanting to have all the herbs  and all fresh, rather than only dried, so I can also cook the things that are cooked in other countries that I learn from on TV/read about everywhere. Maybe it’s just that I am my Dadu, too, a bit.

Gardening is easier and more fulfilling than anything else you can imagine. Especially for a person like me, it holds so much more meaning because when you want to love and take care of and help someone grow, or even just be, plants are the ones who never chafe under your constant care or affection. Unlike other humans. Plants only love you and the sun and the air back by just being themselves. They take care of the whole world. Really.

So here are some pictures of my plants.

Those that are herbal include the quasi food-quasi medicinal (aloe, basil, karipatta, ), and those that are used more in food and drink (oregano, thyme, mint/pudina, marjoram).

This is oregano, whom I met first. Loves the sun, and doesn’t like to drink a lot of water. Oreganooo:

thhoda door se

aur paas

kareeb se

Marjoram also I discovered at the same time. Most amazingly perfumed leaves ever. Seriously glorious. And probably one of the least known herbs, at least in India, I guess. I believe it can be used in making soaps and in brewing perfumed oils. Drinks lots of paani. Marrrrjorammmm!

close up..beautiful leaves, no? Rosettes.

Not so close. See the flowers?

All of it. Almost. It's a cool plant. Spurting out of the earth, then stops.

And I have many more plant pictures to share. Of other plants. But am running out of patience with this uploading business. Please excuse the layout. I’m new at this. Posting a recipe with pics, too, tonight.


P.S. Photos are being taken using my kind friends’ cameras. Thankee girls!

P.P.S. Thank you, Appa, for the lovely name for what is going to be a string of posts in itself. Thank you for all the words that I think, speak, write.


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