My Green Patch 2: More herbs

Yes, I know, I’d promised to post a recipe. Last night. But too many things have been happening. Our family is going through a difficult time, and I’m not sure I feel like completing the recipe post I was drafting.

But what I will do, is post some more about the plants in my balcony-garden. Some other herbs I am growing include karipatta (curry leaf plant), pudina (mint), sweet basil, and thyme. That’s in descending order of age in my garden. Now I introduce them to you in ascending order of growth stage.

This is thyme. I believe (if the packet in which the seeds came is to be believed), that these are of French origin. So, yes, I’m growing them from seeds. And hence they take ages apparently until they grow into saplings are ready to be re-potted. They are only seedlings abhi, tiny baby green leaves peeping out from the soil. This is thyme:

See? How tiny.

Then there’s sweet basil. Basil is tulsi, basically. And there are many many kinds, apparently. So this is sweet basil, that grows happily, has the prettiest leaves, chiffonades easily, enhances the taste of everything (combines beautifully with lime juice, tomatoes, prawns in butter, and so many more to be tried) and is just a lovely plant overall:

white flowers

aerial view


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