About self, i suppose

(Not sure why I’m writing this at all – seems a little silly to write about oneself considering there’s no reason why anyone on God’s sweet Earth should be interested. And yes, I’m a believer, no matter what certain people may think/say.)

I used to like to work hard, party harder, but no longer.

Am an on-the-wane person who enjoys the finer things in regular life – like watching TV and films, reading fiction (and some non), FOOD (cooking, growing, eating, learning, discovering), solving (or battling with) crosswords, growing plants (flowering, vegetables, herbs, medicinal), board games, wallowing in misery and/or brooding, recovering from illness, thinking about the love-of-my-life and dissolving in tears, and most of all, living with my friends and tormenting them with my exceedingly pun-ny jokes.

I also occasionally clay model, fold paper into strange shapes, paint and cartoon stuff…you get the gist of it.

I try hard to see the poetry in the most ordinary of things, but sometimes get so angry my head explodes. Inside. You’ll see when that happens, I suppose, on this blog as well.

Otherwise it’s mainly about food and my neuroses. Plizz enjoi

2 Responses to “About self, i suppose”
  1. Navneet says:

    I love it Taranga … 🙂

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